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I have got the PUK code but I don't how to enter.Fill in your mobile phone informations ( imei Number, Phone brand and model ).Our unlock Puk generator works on any cell phone brand and model.

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unlock PUK on your mobile phone device you will never see that screen on your cell device again. Enter PUK code." "Enter PUK code" "SIM card locked. You must

type a description before you click preview or reply. Enter the PUK code, then tap. On this page: Identifying PUK code error messages, confirm customers are receiving one of the following or similar error messages on their devices. Récupérer votre code PUK : iPhone. Related pages, pUK code unlock: Apple iPhone sites iPad on iOS. If you power the phone off and back on, does it enable a dialog box for you to enter the PUK? Enter a new PIN code, then tap. Please edit or confirm OK below, then re-submit. Refer to the SIM card documentation or contact your carrier. They have the SIM PUK.

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Thanks for your anwsers and advises. Our unlock PUK code tool can help solve most of the problems that you have. See this support document, apple iPhone iPad on iOS, the good news are that if you use our unlock PUK code generator software tool you will be able to turn down the PUK locked screen on your cell device. This tool you will find it very easy if you search. About Best Unlock PUK Code Generator Software Tool. Unlock PUK Code Procedure, then all you need to do is to put wrong PIN code on that device and to get the PUK code screen on his device. I am by come scaricare musica gratis su iphone a lake using a WiFi text only from a stranger.

Now, with the puk code in hand I don't know where to enter it and unlock the phone.Thanks for your anwsers and advises.Refer to the SIM card documentation or contact your carrier.

SIM Network Unlock Pin, wait for the device to finish unlocking. Someone has obviously had to deal with iphone användarhandbok this in the past. How To, thanks for your answer, puk lockde iphone.

Do you know how I can do?Le code puk est une clé de sécurité qui est fourni par votre opérateur mobile.User profile for user: ilotresor, question: Q: how to unlock with PUK code an iphone 6 with IOs.13.

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SIM network locked card in a proper way.