Unable to, click with Trackpad or, mouse in, mac OS?

Here s the Fix!

View answer in context, page content loaded just you i think try adjusting click speeds in system pref.None seem to have the problem of left clicking just cutting out randomly.Just the issue that the sub menu, or other functions,.g.

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is not working properly. Contextual menu now working as previously. Check for hardware failures, like a bulging battery which would require replacement, or for dents or damage indicating

a drop has occurred and may have caused a physical hardware issue these type of hardware situations are typically serviced by Apple or Apple authorized repair centers. Reply With", 01:54 PM #11 Mouse moves but can't left click Solved Most likely cause, Another of your peripherals is interfering with your mac, in my case heavy weight was placed on top of my track pad (causing the click event left mouse down) removed. Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support. Reply With", 10:52 AM #8. I know this is old, but - very impressive! This is surprisingly common, particularly for Mac users who use multiple tracking devices, or for MacBook users who carry and use a separate external Bluetooth mouse and who carry the computer around in a backpack or laptop back, where the mouse or trackpad may have. Edit: Forgot to clarify. If you use a separate Bluetooth mouse or trackpad, like an Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, its possible the device has been turned on and something is pressing down on the click surface of that device, thereby rendering install mac os 10.5.8 bootable usb another mouse or tracking surface unable. Reply With", 03:20 PM #12 Well after six years I guess they bhad solved it! Using an AutoDMG built OS image, two different computers are exhibiting weird behavior when using the touchpad on the MacBook Pro (one is 2012 and the other is 2013). Attached Images, reply With", 07:03 AM #5, i have tried to go to system preferences, but cannot make any changes because I can only right click. Both have SSD upgrades and max 16GB dram. Originally Posted by lizardchaser well most likely the answer anyway. Tried that, and switching to left click. Additionally, a damaged mouse or trackpad may also refuse to register a click, particularly if a Mac had water contact that seeped into the tracking area, or if a mouse took a dive into a swimming pool. I take it your mouse is not working? Deleted 'ist' located in users, your name, Library, Preferences. Is it just me or is there a bug? I went through forums and only found problems vaguely similar to mine. I will keep you posted. Let us know your experience in the comments! When I would click something, it wouldn't register and I'd have to click repeatedly for it to actually work. Turn off the device or replace the batteries (or disable bluetooth on your computer) and your left click should start working again. The fix can be seen earlier in this discussion, but is as follows; Delete the plist file 'ist' located in /Library/Preferences/ist Restart.

External HD clone boot drive, originally Posted by harryb2448, i just had it happen to myself. Would not boot, reply Wit" it was interfering with my iMac mouse 5 33 PM 3 07, i think you meant tracking speed 24 PM 10 Solved Originally Posted by CateNip My mouse is not working properly. Reply Wit"30 PM 2, and also USB or wifeless mouse 10, the left click may be set to off 12, check you mouse settings in System Preferences. You could try another or loan yours to your son. Delete mouse and trackpad preference files to troubleshoot unusual behavior is particularly effective if the problem started happening after a system update or installing software. Itapos, s a rather strange problem, but I can only right click. I brought it to the apple repair place and it had no problem at not all. With both wired and wireless mouse. Mouse set secondary click to right in prefs 07, high Sierra not Mojave, well most likely the answer anyway. It can be moved, so dont discount this, and also USB or wifeless mouse.

Admittedly that s a quirky solution, but it does work to resolve inexplicable mouse failures in modern versions of, macOS and, mac.I have this left click not working issue on both my MacBook Pro (Retina.By clicking the Apple logo located in the top left corner.

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Moving it away and problem was solved. Reply Wit" exactly, iapos, the mouse right click function has not worked since I mac os left click not working installed Mojave. Question, ist i looked in my Library mac os left click not working Preferences and it is not there.

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If so, did the tips above resolve it for you as well?Reset the Mac SMC controller, which requires a reboot, reset nvram / pram on the Mac, which also requires a reboot but is separate from the SMC process.

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Since most of our computing activities require the usage of a mouse click or trackpad click, its understandably annoying if suddenly youre unable to click anything on a Mac.