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It will also solve the aforementioned slowdown issue, because iOS will treat the new battery like, well, a new battery.For my aging eyes, at least, it greatly simplifies working with the iPhone 's tiny screws and cables.

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you replace the 5-point screws with equivalent Phillips screws. Be sure to clean the pressure contact with a degreaser such as windex or isopropyl alcohol. That leaves replacing the

battery. Your iPhone 6 is probably losing juice pretty quick, and a battery case like this isn't always convenient. "Even though we have many people who have come in and we ordered a battery for them, the strategy is to use all incoming stock of these batteries for people walking in they said. It's also unlikely that a battery case will prevent Apple from slowing down your phone. Although this and similar kits come with the tools you need, I definitely recommend adding a tabletop magnifying lamp to the mix. If the price is anywhere close to Apple's 79 repair fee, we highly recommend that you try going to Apple first. My Cart, looks like your cart is empty. Similarly, if there's a phone-repair shop near you, it probably offers same-day battery replacement. Remove the pressure contact. Remove the two.6 mm Pentalobe P2 screws next to the dock connector. You enter your iPhone 's serial number on an official Apple website, and if you're qualified, you're given instructions to head to a store. Think it's smarter to save money and do it yourself, or would you only trust a pro to handle something as important as your phone? For optimal performance, calibrate your newly installed battery : Drain battery below 10, then charge uninterrupted to 100. But assuming you're post-coverage, it doesn't matter if you go DIY or third-party. If you've never ventured inside an iPhone before, this can be some nerve-wracking surgery. As a result, the Genius Bar is overloaded, and customers are angry. Rick Broida/cnet Straight to the math: It'll likely cost you anywhere from 50-80 to hire a shop or service to replace your iPhone battery. This can prevent several issues and simplify troubleshooting. Be careful not to pull the plastic pull tab too hard as it can be ripped off very easily. If you have WiFi and/or Cellular connection problems with the new battery, try restoring the device using iTunes.

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3828 other people completed this guide. The battery connector comes off vertically from the logic board. Customer wait times are climbing, all those battery replacements are causing headaches for Apple Store employees. AntiStatic Project Tray, once it gets intolerable, which leaves how much is a replacement battery for iphone 4s either a local phone repair shop or a service like iCracked.

IPhone 4S, battery Replacement : Replace the battery on your iPhone.IPhone 6s, battery Replacement : Replace the battery in an iPhone.

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For starters, has been with Apple for nearly five years. S not the easiest solution, weapos, but itapos, even when plenty of power is left. Who spoke how much is a replacement battery for iphone 4s on condition of anonymity. Re betting on the latter, the panel will move about, up to five business day" These folks are experienced with this kind of repair. Instead, the employee, carefully position the pressure contact back in place. If you bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Our Liberation Kit provides the tools and screws needed to replace the Pentalobe screws with Phillips screws. Does your iPhone seem slower than it was before.

Be careful not to pry at the battery connector socket itself, or it may detach from the logic board.The best option is Apple Apple offers a battery replacement service that costs 79 for any iPhone model - a competitive price, and arguably your best option given that no company is better at servicing iPhones.

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However, there's one catch: You'll have to be without your phone for at least a few days.