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NFC would let both devices act as mobile wallets.Fancy weather clocks, email, text, and social media widgets are now populating the Play Store.

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S in iPhone. Apple was not able to slim the device down and make it extremely lightweight, but it also managed to keep the width the same while making

the screen larger. When using the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S side by side, there is little to choose between the two. And backed by a superb ad campaign, wherein Samsung directly attacked the iPhone 5 and its users, the Galaxy S3 was able to place itself on the same pedestal as the iPhone for not just power users but for average consumers as well. There did seem to be a more noticeable gap in loading larger apps, with the iPhone loading Youtube a little faster and leaving the Galaxy S4 standing when loading Sonic Dash, so it's worth noting that if you're after a more stable app experience. When the special back plate is attached, the Galaxy S4 should be able to charge without wires. NFC and the fingerprint reader would likely have new software to take advantage of, but those features havent become clear. It still features a high pixel-per-inch count which helps it to compete, however. And a Exynos 5 Octa quad-core processor on board for other parts of the world. The amount of leaks though hasnt been surprising given the amount of interest in the Samsung Galaxy. If true, that would mirror the iPhone 5 exactly. If true, it would put it on par with other Android smartphones that have launched this year and make for some of the best looking on-screen content that the smartphone world has dfu mode iphone 5 ever seen. It stole all the headlines at the launch of the 5S, and has sparked many a debate amongst mobile enthusiasts. The iPhone 5S comes with a 4-inch Retina display; a 1136 x 640 resolution resulting in 326ppi. Read: Samsung Galaxy.S. Screen, part of the reason for the size differences is just how heavily the screen dominates each handset. As with nigh-on all modern smartphones, the screen is very much the focal feature. In past years, the company has used the event to showcase iOS and OS X, but given the rumors, its possible that Apple may use it to announce a new iPhone. In fact, rumors suggest that the device could feature a 13MP camera, perhaps the Sony Exmor RS sensor thats found in the Galaxy. As the video proves, he is simply hovering over the display with his finger to access content on the display. . We've given each our thorough run through in our in-depth reviews, but if you're still a little unsure quite which of these exceptional devices is for you, then this guide is pretty much tailor-made for you. Don't like the keyboard? Our Galaxy S4 concept next to an iPhone. No carriers have popped up for the iPhone 5S yet, but consumers should expect the same carriers and the addition of T-Mobile which has announced the iPhone for launch later this year. The technology is currently being called floating touch and while it has shown up on phones in the past, it never has arrived on a device as big as the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor on board for the.S. It did so with the iPhone 4 and 4S and iPhone 3G and 3GS so it wouldnt be surprising to see the iPhone 5S arrive with a similar form factor. Thus far, rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S4 will be released in Europe in April with the United States getting it later on, possibly as soon as May or June. Here are some of the other key specifications that have been rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone. Apples iPhone 5 is rumored to feature an upgraded processor, up from the A6, and rumors have suggested either an A6X, like the one found in the iPad 4 or a new Apple A7 chip. Indeed, the iPhone 5 will start out as the Galaxy S4s greatest threat but all signs are pointing to an iPhone 5S coming out at some point later this year. And while the spotlight will be on many of the competitors that the Galaxy S4 will definitely see on shelves when its released, many consumers will be trying to match up Apples rumored iPhone 5S alongside it as well. It features a design that is a mere.6mm thin and weighs only 112 grams. Whats more is that Samsung is rumored to be using sensors that will allow Galaxy S4 users to interact with content on the display, without having to physically touch the display itself. Don't like the messaging app? Recently leaked images, thought to have been taken with the Galaxy S4 camera, show that it may be able to capture some extremely detailed photos. Again, T-Mobile will likely offer a different pricing structure should it get the Galaxy.

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2 Jelly Bean, dont expect wireless charging in the iPhone. Bigger is betterapos, samsung Galaxy S4, price The iPhone 5 sports a 199. So far, t completely write off the iPhone, a device that has been rumored since the latter part of 2013 99 oncontract starting price across the board and that should be the expected price of the iPhone 5S with larger storage options seeing progressively more. S excellent at graphical reproduction, the venue for the Galaxy, there is no credible evidence that suggest that Apple will be making huge improvements to the display. Likely Android, but it also offers consumers a removable back and helps Samsung pump out devices at a speedier rate in an effort to keep up with demand. Apples iPhone 5 is one of the slimmest and most lightweight smartphones on the market. Not just Android enthusiasts and Samsung fans.


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iphone And moving between screens was also slick and smooth. Read, it may feature the same one as the iPhone. The Samsung towers over the iPhone. Recent rumors have not suggested any significant upgrade to the resolution or pixelperinch count of the iPhone. We found that both devices booted up in a very similar time frame.

However, it will also likely be hosting a number of different software features courtesy of Samsung itself.Samsung released this image, which could be the Galaxy.

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Performance, one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone 5S has to be the 64-bit A7 chip that Apple has included.